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Steam Jenny Combinations

Jenny Oil fired Combination Units

Demonstrate the culmination of advanced engineering, state of the art manufacturing, and extensive steam cleaner and pressure washer experience dating back to its inception in 1927 by Jenny. These units combine an extensive list of standard features with rugged strength and versatility.

Since these are Jenny Combination Cleaners, you get the versatility of 3 cleaners in 1.  With the flip of a switch, the machine can go from a cold pressure washer to a hot pressure washer.  Change the tip in the gun and flip the machine selector switch and the machine becomes a 325°F steam cleaner.

Jenny Gas Fired Combination Units:

Combine over 70 years of pressure washer and steam cleaner experience with state of the art engineering and manufacturing techniques.

The combination units were specifically designed for Natural or LP Gas service. The combustion chamber was engineered to allow for the natural updraft burner system to function at peak efficiency.

Jenny Combination Units feature simple easy to use controls.  The switches to control the Motor, Burner, And Steam Clean/Pressure Wash is in plain view and are lighted to display the machine's status.  The switches will glow Red in the Off position and Green in the On position.  Switching modes from Pressure Wash to Steam Clean is as easy as changing the tip in the end of the gun and flipping the machine selector switch.

Quality has always been the trademark of Jenny cleaning equipment since they invented steam cleaning in 1927.

Convenient access to all of the major system components was designed into the machines.  The large electrical junction box houses, protects and allows for access to the entire electrical system.  All electrical connections are made through a simple specially designed terminal board.  The pump, motor, water and solution control systems are all centrally housed underneath a large stainless steel cover.  Parts and accessories are readily available.

Reliability and Durability:
Only the highest-grade components are used in the construction of the equipment.  The industrial heavy-duty motor drives the high performance, belt driven, oil bath, triplex, ceramic plunger pump.  The combustion system was specifically designed for Natural and LP gas applications.  It features a specially designed natural updraft combustion chamber, heat transfer coils and gas control valves.  A unique electronic ignition system is standard to all gas fired units. It lights the gas pilot when the motor is turned on and remains on as long as the motor runs.  This allow for instant main burner ignition when heat is required.  The frame is a rugged, powder coated, modular chassis specifically engineered for the gas-fired machines and features a 5-year  limited warranty.

A long list of safety features that are standard on all Jenny units include: 24 Volt Intrinsically Safe Control Voltage, Nozzle (or trigger gun) Control, Over Pressure Protection, High Temperature Protection, and a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter on all single phase units.

Jenny ALL-Electric Combination Steam Cleaner / Pressure Washers:

Were designed and manufactured to be both convenient and environmentally friendly.  These machines are packed full of standard features and are the most effective way to remove dirt, grease, or grime.  You can steam clean or pressure wash all types of surfaces quickly and thoroughly.  And since these energy efficient Jenny models use electricity for both power and heat...there are no objectionable flames, fumes, smoke or fossil fuel emissions.  This is a big benefit when working in sanitary and confined areas.

Jenny also offers a unique electrical heating system wherein water is progressively heated as it passes over resistance wound within steel coils.  Full operating temperatures of 325° F for steam cleaning and 200° F for hot pressure washing are reached in 90 seconds.  The heat is continuous, so there are no large temperature fluctuations once the desired temperature is reached.

High Pressures range from 600 psi to 3000 psi and flow range from 1.6 gpm to 4 gpm.