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RGF Environmental waste water management systems

Recycle Systems

RGF utilizes in their line of wash water recycling equipment 40 technologies to develop industry specific water recycling systems.  RGF is the recognized industry leader with thousands of systems installed worldwide. Industrial water recycling has been the main mission of RGF since its inception in 1985. 

Water recycling is an industrial priority for the following reasons:
  • Cost
  • Compliance
  • Positive Image
  • Regulations
  • EO-12873
  • Moral
  • Truck & Tractor Repair Shops
  • Bus Companies
  • Fork Lift Repair Shops
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Military Bases
  • Equipment Rental Companies
  • City / County Transportation
  • Municipal and State Garages
  • Truck Washes
  • Construction Companies
  • Solid Waste Haulers
  • Heavy Equipment Companies
  • Food Suppliers
  • Airports

Oil Water Separators

RGF's coalescing oil/water separation. The concept of a basic gravity oil/water separator is simply a tank vessel that stalls the flow rate to permit gravity to separate oil from water. Oil, having a lower specific gravity than water, will naturally float on water if given time to separate.

Other RGF products include:

  • Biological Treatment System
  • Grease Treatment Systems
  • Membrane Systems
  • Evaporation Systems
  • Floc Systems
  • Advanced Oxidation Air Systems
  • Advanced Oxidation Water Systems
  • Ozone Water Treatment Systems
  • Food Safety Systems
  • Marine Systems
  • Wash Pad Designs and Accessories
  • High Pressure De-mucking Stations
  • Chemicals for Odor Control, water clarifying agents
  • Storage Tanks