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Floor Cleaning Detergent System And the New ec-H20 Technology (cleaning without detergent)

Save Deep Cleaning Your Office for Us

Amazing Cleaning Company in Jacksonville, Florida, allows your company to put its best foot forward each and every day. Our cleaning staff has built our reputation on exceptional services and a great level of trust between us and our clients. The highly-detailed work we put into our cleaning as well as the ability to view us as we work sets our company apart from any other.

FaST ™ Foam Scrubbing Technology®

The SAFE Scrubbing Allternative™...Certified by the NFSI, FaST™ is the only auto-scrubbing system that provides high- traction walkway surfaces.

Safer for Your Employees...Now you can maintain a cleaner facility while protecting your most valuable assets— your  employees.  FaST™ uses up to 70% less water than conventional scrubbers. So floors dry faster— reducing the risk of costly slip and fall injuries.  And it's safe for use on all floors and floor finishes.  You'll find it's the ideal solution to create a cleaner, safer work environment.

Safer to Use...Your operators never have to touch chemicals again.  They simply install the FaST—PAK™ cartridge, add water, push a button and go.  FaST does all the work—automaticalloy delivering the correct mixture the first time and every time— ensuring a consistent, effective cleaning process from the top of the building to the bottom, from the first shift hour to the last.

Safer for the Environment...It's clear, FaST significantly lower the impact floor cleaning has on  the environment—helping create a cleaner, safer world.  And since FaST comes in a convenient two-liter container, it also cuts down on the amount of packaging material when compared to conventional plastic containers—up to 90 percent.  Could there be any more earth friendly scrubbing system on the market today?

A Safer Purchasing Choice...FaST requires less trips to empty and refill the auto-scrubber—allowing operators to scrub continuously for more than two hours before refilling.  That's three to four times longer vs. conventional scrubbing!  And since FaST is concentrated, one FaST-Pak cartridge is equal to at least 20 one gallon detergent containers and cleans up to one million square feet ( 1,000,000 sq ft ).

FaST Features

  • FaST-PAK premixed detergent cartridge is compact, conveniently located and installs in seconds.
  • AUTOMATIC MEASURING SYSTEM mixes just the right amount of FaST concentrate and water.
  • AIR INJECTION SYSTEM delivers compressed air into  the FaST concentrate and water solution.
  • MIXING CHAMBER processes injected air, water and FaST concentrate to create self-collapsing foam for optimum cleaning performance.
  • SELF-COLLAPSING FOAM attracts dirt more effectively for more efficient cleaning, then returns to a liquid state—eliminating any foam in the recovery tank.

And ec-H20 technology converts water into an effective cleaning solution...here is how.   Water is infused with oxygen bubbles to create highly oxygenated water.---- the oxygenated water flows through a water cell where an electric current is applied. ----Flowing out of the water cell is a blended stream of positively and negatively charged water.---The converted water attacks the dirt, breaks it into small particles, and pulls it off the floor's surface--enabling the scrubber's pads or brushes to easily scrub away the dirt.--- after 45 seconds, the converted water begins to recombine into normal water.  All that is left in the recovery tank is plain water and dirt.


Seeing is Believing...To arrange an on site demonstration or to find out the cost savings from switching to FaST—the safe scrubbing alternative™

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