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Jenny High Pressure Cold Water Washer

Hypressure Jenny Gas Engine Direct Drive Cold Pressure Washers

Were designed and manufactured to be rugged, dependable, efficient, versatile, safe and easy to use.  The HPJ's heavy duty roll cage frame construction and finest quality components available make them ideally suited for the rigorous demands of Commercial, Industrial and Rental applications. 

These high performance machines are packed full o standard features to let you clean both quickly and effectively.  Put the power of a Hypressure Jenny to work washing equipment, cleaning vehicles and fleets, or  helping with general housekeeping tasks.  The HPJ's allow you to clean with no wasted time, effort or water.  Exact cleaning needs can be met by combining a range of pressures from 2000 to an amazing 5000 psi and flows from 2.8 gpm to 8.0 gpm.  The machine is ready to use straight out of the box!  Just add oil to the engine, fill the tank with gasoline, connect the water supply hose, stat the engine and begin cleaning.

Hypressure Jenny Direct Drive Electric Motor Cold Pressure Washers:

Pressures range from 1000 to an amazing 3500 psi and flows from 2.0 gpm to 5.0 gpm.