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Spray Wash Cabinets

Better Engineering Has been automating the parts washing process for over 45 years. More than 15,000 of our parts washers are in service today. We offer a variety of solvent-free ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

While Better Engineering has over 50 turntable, tumbling, conveyor, return-to-operator, and ultrasonic standard models of parts washers, at least half of the systems that we build are modified or completely custom. The standard parts washing models and other past technical achievements are the foundation upon which Better Engineering builds outstanding, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.

  • Dirt- Grease- Oil
  • Dirty Parts
  • Truck & Heavy Equipment Repair

    Bus Repair and Maintenance Shops

    A huge part of your repair process is cleaning- you can’t do your job right unless the parts are cleaned and cleaned thoroughly. The last thing you want your men doing is cleaning parts with a brush or with hazardous solvents. Cat, Case, John Deere, and Other Heavy Equipment repair facilities use parts cleaning systems to wash everything from diesel engines to hydraulic cylinders to turbochargers.

    Engine Rebuilding

    Engine re-builders rely on Better Engineering’s rugged systems to do their cleaning. The turntable diameters of spray washers range from 25” to140”, weight capacities go up to 30,000 pounds.  And pump sizes go from 3 hp to 100 hp…flows up to 400 gpm and pressures up to 200 psi

    Save Money, Time, and Labor…
    By Washing your dirty parts with a Better Engineering Aqueous Parts Washer.

    BALES is the Name to Know for All Your Industrial Cleaning Equipment Needs.
    If you have a Dirty Problem, We have the solution.
    Over 25 years Experience in Solving Industry Cleaning Problems

    So, if you have dirty parts, dirty equipment, dirty water or dirty floors we would be glad to come by and see if we can help.

    Please call for an Appointment 502-231-2168 or 866-702-6109 Toll Free 

    G-3000 37” turntable 48” working height 1,500 lbs weight capacity
    Heavy Equipment Repair

    Transmission Re-builders
    You can’t be in this business without an automatic parts washing system! Re-builders want the best, go with Better Engineering- That's why Jay Leno choose Better Engineering Mfg.

    G-3000 has roughly twice the cleaning area of the G-2000 and can handle a 1,500 lbs. load.

    The Cyclojet 3 is one of three tumbling systems mfg. By BE to clean screw machined parts and larger parts with intricate passageways.